Sweet & Bloody Coconut Shake


Coconut shake

You know, when you visit a friend and they just ask you randomly if you wanna drink something, then disappear in the kitchen for two minutes and come back with a life-changing cup of something amazing? I actually don’t know if that really happened to me a lot, but I made it happen for me and my friend.
So it was this very hot day. We were just lying around on the terrace, trying not to move, not to sweat and not to get a cold from the fan at the same time. It was one of these days when you become jealous of people that still have snow in april.
I wanted to come up with a super cold refreshing drink. It had to be special of course, you can’t waste energy for ordinary drinks when you’re melting. But the fridge was almost empty. The only useful material I could find was coconut milk, two dates and one beetroot. So here’s what I did: I made a bloody shake of it!
I watched my friends face coming back alive when she took her first sip. Her eyes became big, her lips red and she was smiling. It was this little blissful smile that says everything. I’m pretty sure it didn’t change her life in the long run, but on that very afternoon it kinda did.

Recipe: Sweet & Bloody Coconut Shake (for two)

1 beetroot
2 cups of coconut milk
2-3 dates
cinnamon powder
Cut beetroot into pieces and blend together with the coconut milk. Add some ice from the freezer, sweeten as you like with dates or other sweetener. For a more sophisticated taste you can add a little cinnamon powder and a few chunks of ginger. Blend all ingredients together and serve to your best friend with a straw (for the “oasis vibe”).
Enjoy together!



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Jennifer Soike

Hi, I’m Jenny. I grew up with food. It started when I was born. It came out of breasts first, later from jars. I sucked, I chew and grew taller, bigger and wiser. It was fascinating. Today not only do I still eat I also cook. For myself, friends and for people that come to our restaurant. It’s giving me a lot of energy in many different ways. I hope you enjoy my recipes while reading my food stories. Love&Peace

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