You can find many unique products in our store in Srithanu, Koh Phangan.
The items were hand picked somewhere in India, Bali or Thailand.

The items posted here are some of the flag ship products that we have available at the store.


6g in natural wood solid perfume, available in difference fragrance: Sandalwood, Krishna musk, Lilly of the valley, Honey suckle, Rose

Red Korean Ginseng Extracts

30g of one of the most extreme Yang products. Enhance mental concentration, Strengthen and stimulate the central nervous system

Natural Shampoo Powder

Simple and gentle product for hair, this shampoo powder has no chemicals and completely natural, easy to use and available in different fragrances: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Rose, Krishna musk

Organic Black Truffle

Italian organic black truffle grated and preserved in organic extra virgin olive oil….direct from the farmer packed in small glass boxes of 50g

If you live in Koh Phangan and there are some items you know from personal experience are great and that you would like to see available here without dealing with shipping and customs, you are more
than welcome to write us with the name of the product.
We are very happy to get feedback, suggestions and to hear about things you like.
Write us:
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