Just Create It. Let Your Juices Flow.

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Creativity isn’t something that’s just reserved for kindergarteners and artists. It’s happening all around us, and we all want a piece of the action. People are inventing things, building beautiful gardens, making babies, choreographing dances, writing music, and cooking stunning meals.

Nature is creating new life non-stop, and this energy is an integral part of us. It’s “in our blood” to want to create, and we each have a unique way of expressing our creativity. You and all of humanity benefit when you unlock your creative potential and let your juices flow.

We humans have so many good ideas, images and visions, inspirations and brilliant thoughts. What a beautiful gift to yourself and to the world to actualize them in some form.

The Importance of Creative Outlets

We all have a deep desire to create.

Have you ever been working on a project or concocting a meal in the kitchen and been so in the zone that brilliant ideas and strokes of culinary genius just seemed to flow endlessly?

That is the act of tapping into your creative potential and letting your creative juices flow.

Having a creative outlet does many things:

  • It allows you to get your ideas and visions into the world in a tangible way.
  • It directs pent-up, repressed energy into something creative instead of destructive.
  • It engages the right brain (the creative and expressive side of the brain).
  • It helps connect the logical, practical and the creative/imaginative processes, which builds stronger connections between the two hemispheres.
  • It reaffirms that you can inspire others and have an impact on the world, on small and large scales.
  • It provides a way for you to share your gifts and talents—whether it’s building things, making art, designing new systems, or challenging people to engage with life in a way they haven’t done before.

How to Get the Flow Going

Prioritize it.

We do the things that are high priorities in our life. Things like self-care, creative time, and personal/“You Time” are often viewed as being something that’s done in “spare time.”

For example, if you like using your phone to communicate or the hot body you get from exercising, you’re going to label them as priorities, and they will get your attention before other thing in your life. You’ll pay that phone bill and get up an hour earlier to go work out.

When you prioritize it and allow yourself to tap that source of power, creativity can transform your life.

Schedule it in.

Set a regular “creative hour” in your calendar. Meet with friends to create together.  Whenever you make something a part of your routine, it becomes woven into the very fabric of your life. Just as you shower and feed yourself, you give yourself time to create.

Surround yourself with inspiration.

It can be challenging to create anything when you aren’t feeling inspired. Hang out with others who value creativity. Find what lights a spark for you, what gets you going, what you find sexy/provoking/outrageous/raw, and let that energy fuel your creative juices.

Create a container.

Make it easy to say, “Yes! I am going to create!” If I have a desk with all my art stuff already there, chances are higher that when I feel a spark of inspiration, I will actually pick up my pens to draw. Whether it’s a desk, an empty room, a corner of your garden beds, or your favorite table at the local coffee shop, set up shop and let things roll. Write, dance, plant, and draw. Let the space you create facilitate the flow of creativity.

There are many forms of creative expression. Find what you’re drawn to, what inspires you, what gets you ticking, and do that.

Explore. Be curious. Try new things.

You have an ocean of ideas ready to be unleashed. Let ‘em rip!



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Alani Kelly

Alani Kelly is a Health + Desire Coach, writer, teacher, and Eat.co’s Health + Wellness Expert. She specializes in empowering others to explore full desire, achieve total wellness, and feel more alive. Alani works with clients from around the globe, and offers customized coaching packages for personal transformation and growth. Questions for Alani? Want to schedule a free consultation? Visit her website, The Radiant Health Coach. You can also connect with her on Facebook .

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