In Synch With The Seasons – Are You Aligned?


Let’s face it. Most of us spend way too much time “plugged in” to our devices or sitting indoors in front of a screen. Our calendars are filled with the same work hours, daily activities, and social schedules, regardless of the time of year. We expect to have the same energy and productivity levels no matter what’s happening in the environment around us. Sound familiar?

Reality eventually sets in. You get sick, over-extend yourself, or eventually burn out. This Energizer-bunny approach to life is just unsustainable, and you know it, but where to begin?

Get in synch with the seasons.

It’s all too easy to forget just how connected humans really are with the natural world. Whether you acknowledge it or not, your life is affected by the rising and setting of the sun, the cycles of the moon, and the changing of the seasons.

The good news is that when you align your life with the energy and natural flow of the seasons, your body, mind and life as a whole comes into greater balance.

Go with the flow instead of swimming up stream.

Synchronizing with the seasons is more than simply knowing what season it is. It has to do with the food you eat, the amount of sleep you need, the level of social activity you engage in, the direction you focus your energy (inward vs. outward), the pace of your day and much more.

Unsure where to begin? Look to nature for the answers.

Recharge in Winter

Winter is often cold and dark, plants have died or gone dormant, and animals are hibernating or hunkering down for the winter. The energy in nature is quiet, still, powerful, and full of potential waiting beneath the surface.

Use winter as a time to recharge your battery.

This might mean listening to your desires to slow down, sleep in, curl up indoors with a cup of tea and a book, socially hibernate a bit, and turn your attention inward.

Listen to your body. It knows what foods to eat.

Your body in a genius and understands the energetics of food. When your body craves fatty and warming foods, it’s trying to balance itself in cold weather. Feed yourself nourishing soups and stews, warming herbs and spice, herbal teas, and healthy sources of fat.

Connect with people who feed your soul. Focus on self-care. Take baths. Write in your journal. Create art. Learn to meditate.

Go within.

Explore what intentions, thoughts, and actions you want to cultivate in your life. What new things do you want growing in your future?  Set intentions for the year to come and create a game plan so you are ready to spring into action.

Blossom in Spring

Life springs from the dead of winter. Nature is busy procreating, the rain is nourishing the earth with liquid life, and plants are exploding with new leaves and flowers for the hungry bees to feed on.

The world feels fresh, new and vibrant, and so do you.

When you align with the energy of spring, you too awaken from your winter hibernation. The energy you’ve been building all winter starts to move upward and outward and you start buzzing like the bees.

Spring loves everything green, and so does your body.

You might naturally be drawn to seasonal foods like fresh greens, kale, and spinach. In spring, eating seasonally can help you detoxify any residual winter stagnation and give you a boost of vitamins and minerals.

Use movement to get your energy flowing.

Move your body. Let yourself be light and curious about the world. Do some spring-cleaning and get rid of old clutter (physical, emotional and mental). Open the windows and let in the fresh air. Plant a veggie garden. Sing back to the birds.

Be open to new opportunities. Sow the seeds of your dreams that you will nurture into full fruition. Do whatever you feel will support this blossoming of new energy and get you ready for summer.

Expand into Summer

With the arrival of summer, Mother Nature blossoms into her full glory. The sun is hot, energy is vibrating, and the earth is bursting with abundance.

Live life fully.

This is naturally a time of expansion and massive amounts of energy. People are busy climbing mountains, going on vacations, socializing and having BBQs, doing projects around the house, and enjoying life outside.

Spend time in lakes, rivers and oceans. Let the sun warm your skin. Live fully. Love fearlessly. Express yourself in new ways and take bold steps towards manifesting your dreams.

Enjoy the bounty of the season.

Farmers markets are full of fresh produce of all colors, shapes and sizes. To balance out the heat, your body may be asking for the cooling foods of summer, such as cucumbers, melons, salads and refreshing drinks.

It’s a great time to get creative in the kitchen and discover your seasonal favorites. Invite your friends or family over for dinner, and have fun preparing and sharing meals together. Building community through food is a beautiful way to bring you back to your roots. (maybe food story link here)

Fall Back to Your Roots

As the leaves begin to fall and the weather cools down, the energy of the season begins to sink back towards the earth. This is the time of year that plants begin to redirect their energy to their roots, preparing themselves for the winter ahead.

Refocus on what feeds you, supports you, and grounds you.

It’s a perfect time of year to reconnect with your own roots, to wind down from the busy and expansive energy of summer, and to gathering your energy for the coming winter.

Take walks and enjoy the fall colors. Explore new dishes using root vegetables and other cool weather crops. Like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter, identify the people and habits that will give you support and nourishment as the energy in nature shifts once again.

Synchronizing with the seasons is a beautiful journey of reconnection.

Allow the seasons to be your guide. Trust in the wisdom that comes from your relationship with the earth. Instead of allowing nature’s cycles to throw you out of balance, you can use them to come into greater balance in body, mind and spirit.

Want to know more about what foods are best to eat depending on the season? Check out this article on eating seasonally.



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Alani Kelly

Alani Kelly is a Health + Desire Coach, writer, teacher, and’s Health + Wellness Expert. She specializes in empowering others to explore full desire, achieve total wellness, and feel more alive. Alani works with clients from around the globe, and offers customized coaching packages for personal transformation and growth. Questions for Alani? Want to schedule a free consultation? Visit her website, The Radiant Health Coach. You can also connect with her on Facebook .

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