Gluten-free Pink Corn Bread with Seeds and Nuts


Gluten-free Pink Corn Bread with Seeds and Nuts

Ever tried to make gluten-free bread? I tell you, it’s no fun. Well, it is, but first you have to get rid of your beliefs about what bread is and be grateful for whatever comes out of your trials (yes, plural). So for me personally, to be honest with you, I can absolutely live with wheat flour. I tested to live without and it was nice also, but for me, at the end of the day, it didn’t really matter. But for some people it does and nowadays, if you want to make all guests happy in your restaurant you need a gluten-free version of almost everything. So for a gluten-free bread that is also easy and quick to make I really needed a few trials.

As a replacement for wheat flour I first used buckwheat flour a lot. It was ok, but it tasted a little bit like, “Oh, that’s the g-free one!” I really wanted to create something for real bread cravings and not only copy the look and consistency of bread. So I was going through my imagination and memories one day in order to find the right ingredient to create a soul for my bread, when I remembered how much I actually love my grandma’s cornbread. I had totally forgotten about corn since OMG! GMO! Anyway, I decided to give it a try and it was just pure OMG! Since I wanted it to be easy and quick, I decided to make it a flatbread. I put in a lot of nuts and seeds and vegetables.Yes, vegetables! If you like g-free bread you probably also have a juicer at home (yes, I think in clichés here, but it’s kinda fun). So make yourself a juice from carrot and beetroot and use the pulp for the bread. If you don’t have a juicer, that’s no big deal. You just have to grate the veggies or use a food processor. The coolest thing about the beetroot is the pink color it adds to the bread. Really, it’s so cool. Pink bread. Pink, gluten-free and delicious bread, man!

Recipe: Gluten-free Pink Corn Bread with Seeds and Nuts

1 carrot

1 beetroot

3 cups of cornflour (organic)

2 cups of all kind of seeds and nuts (i used shredded coconut, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame and flaxsseed)
1/3 cup of olive oil
1 tablespoon of baking powder
In a big bowl you bring together all the ingredients above. If you still haven’t done so, now is the last call to wash your hands! For your bread to have a good soul, it needs a lot of love so all ingredients have to be massaged now. Take your time combining everything. The consistency is a little funny. It will feel like wet grainy sand. Pink wet grainy sand. If that’s the case, good for you, if not add water, flour or nuts. Take it out of the bowl and flatten it into a baking tray. Use a baking sheet! Spread some seeds or sesame on top. Now is the time for your dough to become a bread. So let it go. For about 40 minutes at 350 degree F. If after this time the bread is still wetish inside, give it 5-10 more minutes. Take it out, let it cool, cut it in any form you like (I like hearts) and let it happen! 



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