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Eating can be considered a practice in which you seek universal balance. Like yoga, eating is a highly personal activity-you learn to adapt your needs to the many popular nutritional systems and diets. Developing a mindful eating practice can provide a ground that truly supports and nurtures your yoga.

For better or worse, within the yoga community there are endless (often contradictory) myths, folk tales, and urban legends asserting what foods are “good” or “bad” for a yoga practice. You’ve probably heard at least some of this yogic eating folklore before: “Feeling stiff? Eat more ghee or more sweets, have only fruit before you practice, and whatever you do, stay away from those potatoes! If you’re eating out, definitely don’t let that errant bus boy put ice in your water, and above all, remember that if you’re practicing in the morning, don’t eat dinner before you go to bed!” :)


As you continue to practice yoga, an intuitive sense of what is right for your own body will emerge. Just as you’d modify a favorite recipe to fit your own tastes as you prepare it repeatedly, so you can adapt a food system to support your practice.


Apply careful level of observation to how you plan and prepare your meals. The key here is combining ingredients so that they harmonize and complement one another in taste, texture, visual appeal, and after-effect.

We need to learn how to use our six senses, our own personal experiences of trial and error. The climate, activities of the day, stressors, and physical symptoms are things that help us determine daily food choices. We, as part of nature, are also in a constant state of flux. An important part of the flexibility we cultivate in yoga is being able to be flexible about our food choices, tuning in every day, at every meal.

To increase your food flexibility, don’t simply accept the “rules” of others for what, when, and how much to eat. Question and explore for yourself. For instance, if you’re told that yoga practitioners don’t eat for seven hours before a practice, question it: “Does that sound like a good idea for my system? How do I feel if I go without eating that long? What are the benefits for me? What are the detriments?” Getting more and more bound up by rigid rules and restrictions, such as inflexible food dos and don’ts, only serves to further imprison us.

Just as you work in a yoga posture to align and realign with your inner core, so you can learn to recognize what foods your body needs. By bringing attention to your internal sense of what is appealing and what effects different foods have on you throughout the eating and digestion process, you will gradually learn to recognize exactly what your body needs and when you need it.

If you are able in this way to keep all of your “systems” open, through the joy of exploration and unfolding curiosity, you can continually rediscover your own individual paths to balance.

A meal is magical ritual and thanks to that food should be turned into health, strength, love and light. Look at your current situation during a meal, then the projection of this condition on daily life. Notice the connection between the way you eat and the state of his nervous system.

While eating, everything else should be put aside, even the most urgent jobs – it’s important to eat consciously, with gratitude. If you are eating correctly, everything else will work out at high speed. Eating properly saves time & power.


During the meal we are developing the intellect & heart, and also will. We are getting used to control their movements, making them balanced, harmonious, by using our free will. In days when we feel nervous, use the opportunity to learn to relax: Chew food slowly, observe the movements and after a few minutes you will feel your peace.

Therefore, stop for a minute, do not speak, do not move .. Take another rhythm, another direction …

The world puts food in the first place. But, it is important to understand the spiritual value of the act of eating, and not just to satisfy the instinct. Countless people get sick not knowing the trouble arising from food.

How should I eat?

The man should be put in the best conditions to receive the elements prepared in a natural laboratory.

Silence during meals should not be considered only as a custom of the monastery: a wise eating in silence as he takes the first bite is trying to chew consciously as long as possible , until it disappears in your mouth. Without swallowing, because of the importance of the first bite. It starts the wheel . The most important moment of an act is its beginning, the one who gives the signal to start the power and the force. If you start in a harmonious state, everything is harmonious . You need to eat slowly and chew well, because it contributes to better digestion. But also for another reason : the mouth are the first to receive food and the most important laboratories, the most spiritual . Mouth are the one who play the role of a subtle plan : they absorb the ethereal particles of food, the finest and most powerful energy, and then the coarse materials are beeing sent to the stomach . Mouth contains extremely sophisticated devices, glands placed under the tongue, whose mission is to capture food particles. How many times have you experienced … found yourself hungry, almost unconscious , and you began to eat .. and after the first bite you already felt recovered, bright . Thanks to mouth oranism absorbs energy, which directly feeds the nervous system.

Essential elements

For example, a fruit is made of solid, liquid, gaseous, etheric matter . Everyone knows of the solid and liquid matter, but we do a lot of strengthening scents, which are already quite subtle and belonging to the air field . Ethereal side is related to the color of the fruit and it is of utmost importance. Thanks to these particles, the subtle body is satisfied.

Because man is more than just a physical body, the question is how to feed other bodies, which are often due to human ignorance remain without food.

With chewing, we should pay more attention to our breathing pattern. As air keeps the flame alive – deep breathing during meals produces better combustion. Breathing is burning, just like breathing is reasoning – only the degree of warmth and purity of substances separates these two processes  one from another. While eating, we need to stop from time to time, breathe deeply, to allow the etheric body to take food from the subtle particles . Since the etheric body is the HOLDER of vitality, memory and feelings, we have full use of his good development.

The astral body is fed by feelings, emotions, and more subtler energies of the etheric body. Pausing for a moment to the love for food, prepare your astral body out there that particles of precious essential . When the astral absorb these elements, it has the potential to cause extremely elevated feelings of love to all, feeling of happiness, peace and living in harmony with nature.

This love, friendship towards objects, trees, mountains, stars – cleanses us from anxiety , confusion and the illusion that life is full of danger and opens the door of true freedom. We begin to feel protected by Mother Nature, as the astral body nourished. This results with an indescribable sense of well being. If you need to resolve important issues, this will give you will power and bravery.

To feed your mental body, we need to completely focus on food, ideally with eyes closed , in order to achieve a better concentration. Stopping, we see invisible creatures, working on every plant and tree. Spirit possessed by these thoughts, drawns from the food more subtle elements from the elements of the astral plane. From there, people get new clarity with a deeper penetration into the life and world. After the meal, taken in such conditions, he rises with such a bright reasoning and clarity, that is capable of taking the largest cognitive tasks .


Since the astral and mental bodies are supporting pillars, it should be well understood that these two bodies are in need of proper food (intellectual level) .

All subtle bodies are fed by opening ourselves to nature, and all her charms . Feelings of gratitude are opening the doors of heaven, through which we receive a blessing , and at this point all is revealed to us, and we feel , see , we’re awaken ! Gratitude is able to convert gross matter into light and joy and we should learn how to use it.

When you know how to feed these three subtle bodies, particles that are absorbed will be distributed in the brain, in the solar plexus, and all organs. The system will begin to realize that we have other needs, other sublime joys of nature and all will be ready to open.

It’s also important what you do immediately after a meal. It’s not a good idea to take up the activities and discussions (in hebrew :))) …  only stay a few moments of peace, inhaling and exhaling deeply, and observe the results – a better distribution of energy in the body . Finish the meal, as you begun – in silence, with attention to internal sensations.

The exchange is the basis of life : sharing of food, water, air, living things, but also the entire universe.

We emphasize the importance of nutrition at all levels. Cleanliness regenerates us, and when the power is once restored, we receive light energy that has a power to move the whole Universe.

Prayer, meditation, contemplation and ecstasy are very important part of our diet. Than we taste the heavenly food, the food of the gods. All religions speak of immortality * drink that alchemists called the elixir of immortal life. It can be found on the physical plane, but only if we search in the loftiest, purest areas.

The meaning of life is hidden in the diet ; You’ll find it if you try to find it in yourself … just pure particles, bright, eternal heavenly elixir. These particles are in the sun and  it is recommended to focus on ​​this bright star in the morning. Try to breathe and absorb elixir that is spreading around. You’ll learn how to improve your health, illuminating intelligence, fullfil the heart and strengthen the will.

The way we do things, the intensity of our thoughts, are the one who give the results, and not the time spent on it. It’s not hard to understand .. We just need to learn the importance of constant feeding the fire, the light.

We’ve been told that the laws of nutrition are identical with laws of conception. From the moment when we eat, we create the conditions for the birth of thoughts, feelings, actions. As the condition of mother and father during pregnancy determines the future destiny of the child, and the situation in which we eat determines the nature of our physical and psychics activities..

Food is a living germ which is able to produce a child, which are our thoughts, feelings, actions. What will be the result of this union? Will the children be poorly formed , scraggly, weak, due to ignorance of father and mother? Father are you, because you are providing food, mother is your physical body. Mother and father need to be careful, intelligent, sensitive, and results will be lit up with joy and health.



Eat Consciously


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