Cheese Addiction – cashew creamy cheese

Cheese Addiction - cashew creamy cheese

“I could never survive without cheese”. That’s one of the first sentence you usually hear in a vegan related conversation.  And it’s true, most will fail the attempt to become a vegan when it comes to cheese, or in fact, any dairy products. I mean, who doesn’t love a slice of pizza with melted mozzarella,  or refreshing morning yoghurt with some fresh fruit, or even a glass of milk with your favourite cookie. Of course,  we all do, but only because we are addicted to the taste.
I have been suffering all my life with severe acne, (i know its probably not a subject u want to read about in a food related post, but anyway…), and was treated with all possible treatments available,  both external and internal concoctions,  that affected not only my body, but also my mind in a negative way. If only I’d knew, that I simply have to stop consuming dairy…
And it’s not only my skin that have benefited from this change, my intestines amd stomach are still very grateful.
So if you ever have been considering it even for a moment, for whatever reasons it may be, I cannot recommend it highly enough.
The best part is that there is soooo much alternatives in the world, that if you make an effort,  you will definitely not feel deprived.
With this in mind I bring you a recipe for one of my fav vegan re-creations – cream cheese.  Ohh, how I loved that crispy slice of toast with a generous spread of super creamy philladelphia cheese. So let me tell you, this thing here is even better, I dare to say. And you can  play with it, add flavours of your choice, whatever you feel like.
So here it goes.

Vegan cashew cream cheese

1 cup cashews
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp coconut oil
Salt and pepper to taste

And that’s it. Throw it all to the blender, and give it some time to become nice and smooth, then up to the fridge for maybe 2 hours or so and get that slice of toast ready (or two).

Then it’s up to you what to do with it, add some garlic, rosemary, chives,  whatever u feel like.

Enjoy,  and don’t forget to add some love to it ;)




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Kinga Kruk

Kinga is all about the food. She became vegan over a year ago and that led to discovery of major passion for cooking, preparing and sharing her love for food with the world. For the last half year she is part of the Eat.Co family serving delicious vegan creations in the Koh Pha Ngan restaurant.

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