3 Secrets To ACTUALLY Achieving Your Goals




We all have goals and dreams for our lives, yet not everyone achieves them. There are two “camps” of achievers: those who have given themselves permission to acknowledge, verbalize and begin pursuing them, and those who feel overwhelmed, confused and disconnected from them all together. Which one are you in?

If you’re in the “overwhelmed and confused” camp, I don’t blame you. There’s got to be enough books on how to achieve your goals to fill a football stadium. I know the hardest part for many people is getting the ball rolling and figuring out where to start. With so many choices and methods to choose from, it’s hard to even know where to begin!

Look no further.

Here are 3 secrets that will help you actually start achieving your goals.

Secret # 1 – Orient Yourself

Where are you?

The answer you’re looking for won’t be “in my living room” or “at my desk.” It’s bigger than that. It’s something that takes into consideration everything in your life—age, job, relationships status, health, self-confidence, thought patterns, etc.

It’s a simple yet confronting question that many people would rather not answer. Why?hea

It involves honesty, taking responsibility, and acknowledging that you’ve made choices that have created the reality you’re living.

Why is orientation important?

It’s hard to take steps towards your goals if you don’t even know where you’re standing.

If you’re face is 1 inch away from the map, chances are that you aren’t going to have a very broad perspective of the situation. Take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and be real about where you are.

Wherever you are is 100% okay.

Once you orient yourself and you know where you stand, detach from your stories, patterns and emotions for a moment. Get a birds eye view. Survey the things around you and allow yourself to look towards the horizon.

Secret #2 – Tap Into Desire

Ask yourself: What is my ultimate goal? What are my deeper desires that are driving me to achieve this? What do I want at my core?

Maybe it’s a desire for financial freedom, to share your gifts and talents with the world in meaningful ways, or to feel confident and strong in your body.

When you tap into those deeper desires, they act as internal compasses and guide your every action.

Whenever you’re faced with a choice or a fork in the road, you can use your deeper desires to orient yourself and see if any given choice is in alignment with that goal or desire.

Will taking that job bring you closer to the financial freedom you’re after? Will investing in yourself in the form of coaching, trainings or personal growth opportunities help you bring your gifts to the world? Will making a commitment to moving your body on a regular basis help you feel sexy and confident in your body?

Acknowledging and expressing those desires allows them to come into manifestation, which results in fulfillment. This is one of the most powerful outcomes that all of my Health + Desire Coaching clients experience, and it truly changes their lives. After all, isn’t that what we’re really wanting in the end?

Secret #3 – Set Goals + Let Go 

Humans get easily overwhelmed (poor creatures). Sometimes we’re like small children in the face of a meaningful or massive goal – we need small bites so we don’t choke.

Now there are some people who love (and thrive off of) the “full boar ahead” approach to achieving goals and success. But that approach doesn’t work for everyone.

I’m a huge fan of taking small, achievable steps and setting smaller goals that build towards the larger ones. These small action steps can create an unstoppable avalanche of achievement (best kind ever).

Why are small steps and goals so powerful?

We are tactile beings. We love to be able to touch, taste, smell, hear and see things, and often need those sensory inputs in order to believe that something is “real.”

Many people need to see tangible, “real world” results in order to believe that they are actually making progress in reaching their goals.

Setting smaller goals enables you to see and experience progress. They can help you get comfortable with the idea that you are actually pursuing your goals, building confidence with each small accomplishment.

And let’s be honest, checking things off your “action list” feels damn good! I love that feeling so much that I sometimes make lists just so I can check things off. You really get to see how important all those little steps are in creating the foundation of your success. Every brick matters.

Now that you’ve set some smaller and larger goals, let them go. “It’s not that easy!” you shout in protest. Of course it isn’t. But what is the ultimate goal: to achieve what you’ve set out to do (end result) or to only do it in the way that you want to do it (the process/how it manifests)?

There are many paths to the top of the mountain.

Be open to how you get there.

Sometimes you have specific ideas of how something needs to happen. You get so attached to the picture you’ve painted of how it is all going to unfold according to your plan. You fight tooth and nail for it, despite the fact that sometimes the Universe seems to have different ideas of how it’s going to unfold.

I’m not suggesting that you give up when the going gets hard. Far from it.

That’s the difference between being stubborn and attached to certain things happening vs. putting your intention (aka your end goal) out there and being open to the infinite ways in which that goal can manifest.

When you are able to step back and acknowledge where you are, you’re ready to start taking actions towards achieving your goals. Get the momentum going, be proactive, and trust that things often unfold in ways you could have never imagined.

I encourage you to get serious and invite others to support you on your journey, be they friends or professionals. Support and accountability is key. I’d love to hear what is working for you and where you are getting stuck. So don’t be shy, just shoot me an email at alani@radianthealthlink.com. Hope to hear from you!



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Alani Kelly

Alani Kelly is a Health + Desire Coach, writer, teacher, and Eat.co’s Health + Wellness Expert. She specializes in empowering others to explore full desire, achieve total wellness, and feel more alive. Alani works with clients from around the globe, and offers customized coaching packages for personal transformation and growth. Questions for Alani? Want to schedule a free consultation? Visit her website, The Radiant Health Coach. You can also connect with her on Facebook .

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